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The Bachelor Listen to Your Heart Cast, Character and Release Date

The Show The bachelor presents: listen to your heart is already to be dropped during this spring. There would be a total number of 23 musicians who would be showcasing their talents and living together and not only this and also going on dates which would be based on music. So it’s decided for Show to run for 6 weeks and promote new bachelor characters based on music.

But due to the coronavirus pandemic, the production has been postponed for this Show till now.

Previous Release Date of the Show

The Show was decided to premiere on 13 April, but because of the global pandemic, it got canceled on that date. In order to to listen the podcast, you need to subscribe to Apple and hear it on Spotify.

Plot of the Upcoming Show

The Show can be considered a journey where people would find their soulmate with the help of their passion that is music. The Show really seems to be very interesting for all the music lovers as well as those who believe in love. Individuals will face challenges and with the help of their melodies and harmonies, they would end up finding their soulmate.

There would be challenges based on music only and couples would face many tests and obstructions.

They would find love and new musical talent simultaneously. There would be challenges thrown on them and in the end, only one pair would remain and they would be considered as the winner.

More About Trailer and Cast

An Official Trailer Has Been Released and Here It Is.

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The cast would consist of an familiar new faces on the screens. It would also have a special guest and it would include Jason-Mraz, Kesha, Toni Braxton, Andy Grammer and find more such people like Evan ross and Rita Wilson.

To me, this Show looks really amazing and unique. Being a music lover, I would enjoy this show very much. The trailer of the Show provides glimpses of the Amazing concept and plot of this Show. The creator of this Show must be very sharp-minded and creative, as we all can acknowledge by this Show.