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The Alienist: Season 2 to Release Soon? Tap to Read More.

The Alienist is American period drama/thriller based on a novel of the same name by Caleb Carr published in 1994. It was premiered on January 22, 2018 with the last episode released on March 26, 2018. It follows up on the team assembled to investigate the murder of young male prostitutes in New York City in 1890’s.

The psychological thriller will have its sequel in The Alienist 2 based on the novel The Angel of Darkness, set one year after the former story.

Read on to know more about the exciting sequel.

Sara Howard is all set to become the New York City’s first female detective in Season 2. She’ll be seen investigating the kidnap of the young daughter of a Spanish dignitary. Historical references to the outbreak of war in Cuba and the rising tension between the US and Spain have been made too. Along the investigation, viewers would be introduced to underlying issues like abuse of power, suppression of women’s voice, harassment and so much more.


We’ll be seeing more of Daniel Bruhl, Luke Evans and Dakota Fanning as Dr. Lazla Kreizler, John Moore and Sara Howard respectively. They will return as the crew of the investigation team set u to investigate the murders of young boys from 1896.

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Along with the many new faces that we expect to see, we hope to catch a glimpse of Matt Lintz as Stevie Taggart, Robert Bay Wisdom as Cyrus, Douglas Smith as Marcus Isaacson, Matthew Shear as Lucias Isaacson and Brian Geraghty as Theodore Roosevelt.

Reports suggest that we might even see characters like the women’s rights leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton and painter Albert Pinkham Ryder on screen.


TNT announced a sequel of the original movie to be based on the novel The Angel of Darkness on August 16, 2018.

“It was always a limited series, that was the plan,” said Bruhl to NME. “So I didn’t think any further than that. But we all agree that we wouldn’t mind going back because we love each other so much and we love our characters.”

Even though there has been no announcement yet, as to the release of the second season. Period drama overs expect the release to follow the pattern of the original movie; airing on TNT in the US and then streaming on Netflix. Talks on its release in 2020 are also making it’s round in tinsel town!