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The 100 Season 7 Trailer Is Finally out Fans Are Waiting for Its Release Date and Confirmed Cast

The much-awaited final season of The 100 is finally back. This will be the end of the hit show which first aired on March 19, 2014. The series is known for the post-apocalyptic portrayal of the Earth due to some nuclear explosion that wipes out the Earth. 

The people who are living in the Ark(The Space Station) come back to Earth after a long 97 years to find that the Earth is habitable again. This is from where the story continued till now up to the sixth season. Here are all the updates regarding the show.

When Is The 100 Season 7 Releasing?

With fans growing impatient day by day, the wait has been finally over. The 100 is again back with more visuals of the Trikru and the Skykru. 

The CW network greeted the fans with a trailer confirming the release date of the finale season that is set for May 20, 2020. There more content for you all to binge during this lockdown and keep yourself occupied with.

The trailer revealed huge chaos set into motion in Sanctum. They are going to use an anomaly stone to travel somewhere now that they have discovered how to use it. We are provided with new unseen locations that don’t look like sanctum at all. The footage showed Clarke saying her final goodbyes to Abby. We also see some masked man in the suit. Who are they? That remains to be known.

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Whatever the season might bring but the trailer does imply that the final season is going to have much more violence and action which we viewers want. There are a lot of pathways where the story might lead to. That will be confirmed once the season releases, which is within a week now. 

Who Will We See in the Final Season of The 100?

There were so many things going on in the trailer. A lot of action, more fighting, surviving, a lot more emotional scenes, and a hell lot of characters both new and old ones. 

Many of the major characters are going to return for the final season. Our leader Clarke Griffin is back with her squad guys. We see Octavia Blake and her brother Bellamy Blake. There is the zero-G mechanic Raven Reyes and there is John Murphy, who is one of the best characters in the show. 

There’s much more to know about these characters so stay tuned with the show.