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The 100 season 7: the wait is over now we have some updates for you


Interested in ‘The 100’?Then ‘The 100’ is waiting for you.It is based on a novel ‘The 100’ which was written by Kass Morgan .

After  six hit seasons of ‘The 100’, fans are eagerly waiting for the seventh season.”The 100 ” will soon be back with its seventh season.


The story is about a group of  survivors. After a time travel of 97 years, with earth having no life, 100 people were sent on earth to check  that the earth is still a place for living or not?


Releasing date for season 7-“The100”

The 6th season of the 100 was aired  on 30 April 2019.It was known to be renewed for the next season.There would be no more seasons after the season 7 -The End. No confirmed date for the release of season 7 has come .


Eliza Taylor(Clarke Griffin)-lead role,Thomas McDonell (Fill), Bob Marley (Bellamy), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia), Devon Bostick (Jasper), Richard Harmon (John), Eli Goree(Wells Jaha), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes),Shannon Kook and Shelby Flannery. Alaina Huffman (Nikki) who was a prisoner and was the bank robber. Since such good casts will be there in season 7 ,it is going to be a hit.


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Know about season 6 ending? Here it is…!!

Season six ended with a blast. With Clarke defeating the primes and after saving the Sanctum society, Octavia and others made way to their home. After some time, they found a device which was sown many years before.A symbol similar to olivia’s tattoo was found on the device.In the last it was shown that an adult hope stabbed olivia, about  which she already knew.There were major twists and turns in the last season ,but we have to wait for next season to get the answers.


Expectations with season 7-“The 100”

Jason Rothenberg has definitely a mind  blowing ending for this SeaSon 7 of ‘The 100’. The last season starts from the  end of season 6 . We have not seen the dead body of Olivia in last season .Is she alive or dead? but  we are going to see Sheidedha for sure in the next Season .According to Jason ,fans are going to love the ending of the season,but  there would be no time travel this time,sad for viewers .The mystery about olivia to be alive or not will be solved in the next season.


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