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The 100 Season 7: Spoilers, Premiere Date, Episode Count and Reason behind Jason’s Mysterious Disappearance

The American Drama Series 100, has announced the release of its 7th Season. The fans have gone nuts upon hearing this news.
The Drama revolves around the thematic setting in a post apocalyptic world.

A group of rogue adolescents return to Earth as sole survivors of a devastating holocaust.In April 2019, the Production announced a 7th season. The TV series will conclude after this season.

Number of Episodes in Season 7

The 7th Season will consist of 16 episodes. The production team made this announcement on twitter. They did this to bring the total episode count to 100.
The total episode count of the previous seasons are as follows-
• Season-1 Episodes-13
• Season-2 Episodes-16
• Season-3 Episodes-16
• Season-4 Episodes-13
• Season-5 Episodes-13
• Season-6 Episodes-13

Spoilers of Season 7

The geeks are waiting for information about the show. The release of spoilers have somewhat quenched their thirst. The following information are available regarding Season 7
• Marie Octavia is still alive. The directors hinted that they could not erase a beautiful and meaningful character like hers.
• Season 7 will continue from the end of Season 6. The directors panel announced this while talking about the storyline.
• There will be no tinkering with time dimension. The show will show no inter space and time travel elements. The sci-fi fans would be sad at this decision.
• Rumors are that there will be additions to the cast. New, fresh exciting characters will be added. These characters will assume primary significance in the show.
• The directors have also announced how the show will end. The mystery of the love triangle will be known at the end of the show.

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Date of Premiering Season 7

The 7th season is rumored to release on 20th May, Wednesday. The fans are waiting with eager anticipation. The release of spoilers has enhanced their excitement manifold.

The Fate of Jordan

In Season 6, Jordan disappeared. The directors say that he will be back in this season. It seems as if this character will be very important for the final season. The directors are putting huge efforts to make the finale memorable.

The star cast and storyline makes this show a worthy watch. The fans have made up all kinds of theories about the end of the show. They are expecting the last season to be an epic affair.