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The 100 Season 7 Release Date, Cast Details, Storyline and All Details a Fan Should Know

The 100 Season 6 exceeded the expectations of the fans when it announced that it had earned around 5 million dollars through its media release reports. Six seasons of this epic show has earned its fair share of admirers.

Various dialogues at different points of the show have been well quoted and used in a variety of other shows, which has aired simultaneously. The creator of the show Mark Pedowitz remarked that the Director Jason Rothenberg always had a finale in mind, which in hindsight led to the beginning of a Season 7.

Jason, in the various interviews that he has done for the show, has already said a lot of times that this show is very close to his heart. Excerpts from some of his interviews are given below just to make the fans understand the passion that the makers have for this particular show.

In an interview, Jason said, “This show has been like my child. I have nurtured each and every component of this show with utmost love, care and diligence. After the filming of Season 6, I felt that I had done most of what I wanted to achieve before starting this show. The characters I developed, the script preparation and the dedication by the cast members has made this venture such a successful one with a global outreach. Thus I decided that I would draw a line to it after I had done directing the 7th season”.

Further Interviews have also found Rothenberg saying,” In season 7, we will explore all the unexplored territories that the show has not been able to venture into. It will be the culmination of all the themes that lie at the ethos of the show and have been touched upon in the previous seasons”.

A variety of statements by the cast members in interviews and other social media handles also prove that the shooting of the last season was a very emotional experience. Shelby Flannery, who plays the character of Hope, said in an interview, “I have been a part of this epic franchise for two years in a row now. It has been like my second home. I being the most junior member of this cast have constantly been subjected to showering of love and affection. Other cast members, my directors have guided me through every step of the process.

During the filming of the 100th episode of the show all of us became pretty emotional. After the Director had said cut, we gathered around hugging each other. A sudden realization dawned upon us that the show which has been such a major part of all our lives is coming to an end”.

The 100 Season 7 Plot Details

The entire TV series is adapted from a novel written by Kass Morgan. Jason Rothenberg, the creator of the show, however, has always believed in adding his tale of a twist to the entire story in order to spice up the storyline and make it more interesting. Season 7 is expected to pick up from the storyline on which Season 6 ended. It will majorly focus on the Anomaly.

Now for those fans who don’t exactly know what an Anomaly is, it is an interdimensional being. Its presence in dangerous as it resides in the gateway to the portal of inter dimension travel and is ready to devour any being that comes across him. Since the show is nearing its end, the 17 episodes in this season would majorly focus around the presence of Anomaly.

Rise of Hope would also give a major lift to the plot component of the show. Jason, in his recent interview, remarked by saying that Hope would be in her early twenties. She is discovering the way around for her kind. Three days ago, she was only a fetus, and just within this short period of time she became a self-sufficient lady. Her journey through the perils of life and encountering Anomaly as a malevolent force would be one of the prime components the show has to offer.

In a long interview scheduled with the creator of the show, Jason Rothenberg, several facts about the show has come to the fore. Jason said that the creative department of the show has taken up the call of killing the characters one by one and ending the premise of the show. He said that a variety of themes were already explored by them and they also found out that they had exhausted all their resources in making the characters as intense and deep as possible. The theory of time travel has also been tested previously and thus, there is a minor chance that the theme will again be looked into by the makers during this season as well.

The 100 Season 7 Cast Details

The character of Clarke Griffin will be played by Eliza Taylor. Other characters who will reprise their previous roles in the franchise include Marie Avgeropoulous, Bob Morely, Lindsey Morgan. They will play the role of Octavia Blake, Bellamy Blake, and Raven Reyes, respectively.

Some characters who were killed of in the previous seasons and had no chance of making a re-entry into the the annuls of the franchise are Henry Ian Cusick and Page Turco.

Guest Star Shannon Kook was present in the previous seasons in a capacity of a role for a short period of time. However, in this season, there is a fair bit of chance that he might get a much more permanent role in the franchise. His entry news was announced a few weeks ago on Twitter. Jason Rothenberg, in his interview, was talking about the complexity which is brought to the screen by Marie’s character. He said that although he killed off the character, in this inter-dimensional world of beings, there is a fair possibility of resurrection for the characters. But what the consequence of Marie would be, whether she would join the series as a flashback memory or as a full drawn character on screen is yet to be decided by the people behind the making of the series.

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In season 6, Shelby Flannery was the youngest member of the casting crew. In her praise said that she was a very new and raw product of the drama school. She had a lot of potentials to shine on the big screen, which was fairly evident when she went through the emotions in the character of Hope, which was assigned to her. She brought Hope to life and has now become such a crucial part of the show. She will definitely return for her second term as this season revolves primarily around her.

Other characters who would play their parts in the series can be segmented and synchronized in the following sequence-

Adina Porter as Indra, Jarod Joseph as Nathan Miller, Luisa D Oliveira as Emori, Sachin Sahil as Eric Jackson, and Tati Gabriella as Gaia. Several other characters would also return to the show in order to contribute to its success and continue the great chain of critical and commercial acclaim that this show has been receiving for over half a decade.

The 100 Season 7 Release Date

As soon as Season 6 of the show was launched on the different OTT platforms, demand was raised from the fans for a seventh season as well. Directors decided to start filming for another season and started preparing the script for it. After careful deliberation process and a lot of brainstorming, the makers came to a conclusion to launch the show on 20th May 2020 in USA Network.

An effort was also made for a universal international release, but some foreign barriers acted as restrictions on patent rights. Thus the fans in the United Kingdom would have to wait for some more considerable period of time before they can see the show. It is highly expected that the show will be released on BBC Network around September 2020. Fans would be waiting with bated breath to see their fighters in action for one last time, after which the show is brought to a closure.

Thus Fans are extremely delighted about the show. Many of them who did not watch the previous seasons are binge-watching it on the various networks just to brush up their memories before they start seeing the last season. The cast members have also been quite active on the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, posting photos on a regular basis, giving the fans a glimpse of the behind the scenes shoot.

This being a season finale is supposed to be an exciting experience for all the 100 fans. The trailer launch will again be another major event for which information will be available on this very platform as well. Stay tuned to our official websites to keep yourself updated with all the latest news regarding the show. I hope you have an exciting time watching the show and enjoy every moment of it since it will definitely be the experience of a lifetime.