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The 100 Season 7: Premiere Date, Cast, Plot and Info You Should Know About

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Firstly, you should know some sad news. The 100 seasons 7 will be the last season of the series. This post-apocalyptic series really took the breath away of its fans. So much to see and know. A good amount of lore and backstory with connections to the future. The beautiful landscapes were also the reason to watch.

The final season will have 16 episodes rather than 13. You can watch the show on the CW network. Kass Morgan’s books provided a basis for the series.

Who will return in The 100 season 7?

After the previous season ended, we were shocked after Octavia was stabbed by Diyoza’s daughter, Hope. Hope appeared from the anomaly all of a sudden. She seemed to be an adult but she wasn’t really supposed to be around. There are way too many doubts for us.

Eliza Taylor has to return as Clarke because there is no 100 without her. She will be back in season 7.

All the remaining actors, Marie Ageropoulos, Bob Morley, Lindsay Morgan will return to their roles as Octavia Blake, Bellamy Blake and Raven Reyes respectively.

The plot of The 100 season 7

Season 7 will start where season 6 ended. We will see a lot of pain in Bellamy and sheer panic too. He will be shaken after what happened to Octavia. Maybe she will get out alive. We don’t know yet.

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We will find out more about the anomaly and its origins. Not a lot of it was told during season 6. If Octavia is really dead then there will be a lot of changes. Hope will tell us more about her being an adult and what happened to Diyoza, her mother.

Sheidheda will also be seen taking control of Maddy. He might turn out to be the baddy of this season.

When will The 100 season 7 release?

Season 7 was delayed due to the outbreak and lockdown. The release date was pushed from April 2020 to 20th May 2020. We don’t know if there will be more delays but it is certainly possible. We can just hope for the best right now.

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