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The 100 Season 7 New faces in Seventh ?? We will get to see some new cast.

The 100 is an American post apocalyptic fiction science drama series. The previous season, season 6 was aired in the august, 2019. At the same time, august 2019 it has been announced that the seventh season of the 100 will be released soon, which is also going to be the final season of the series. The season seven is expected to have more twists and turns than ever.

Season 7: Sneak and have a peak

Though the actual date of premiere of the seventh season hasn’t been mentioned, it is anticipated to premiered on or before mid- late 2020.

New faces in Seventh?

The cast of the 100 has been rumored to add nee members. But the confirmed presence of Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin) will be there as the lead. Lindsey Morgan and Bob Morley will join Clark in the show.

Let’s spoil you a little,

Well, it’s been affirmed that this season would see no time travel and the episode one of the sixteen will be seen as the continuation of the season 6 last episode.
The season is expected to focus on the Bellamy’s walk done the memory lane to see what happened to her sister and what was the cause. The character of Sheidheda is still expected to keep the fans of 100 at the edge of their seats. And it is also rumored that the Octavia is not dead and would retrieve back to punish the guilty.

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The most hit like T.V show 100 is also going to see the end of the series this year, with most unexpected conclusions and justice served.
While all the fans unwavering wait for the release of season 7, the most awaited plot everyone are pondering about is whether the Octavia’s part of life will be exposed to the fans or not? Whether the audience would get a flashback of Octavia’s part is the question unanswered.

Though the director has accepted with satisfaction that the draft of the season 7 is enthralling. The wait for the T.V premiering is exhilarating all across the globe.