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The 100 season 7 Arrival Date, Spoilers, Cast and Many More

The wait for the 100 season 7 is over as it is official that the final season will release on mid-2020, the production teams have done disclosed the particular date of releasing. The showrunner Jason Rothenberg also announced on his official Twitter account about the season finale of The 100. He also said that he is pretty satisfied by the ending which has been drafted.


Clarke Griffin will play the lead role of Eliza Taylor. The name of the other supporting actors is Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley, Christopher, and Lindsey Morgan.


Season 7 will be in continuation of season 6 where it will be seen that Bellamy (Bob Morley) will come to know about the fact that what exactly incident has happened to her sister and how all this was caused. Rothenberg has confirmed that there will be no time travel and it will start directly from the ending of season 6.


The assumptions are the Octavia is not dead and she will come back, but nothing is officially revealed. The people are excited to know about Octavia’s story that whether her story will be told to the audience by going to the flashback or not. It is also expected that Hope will not be the villain. Sheidheda’s character will still be a threat to everyone. It is also said that two new convicts will be added where one prisoner character will be played by Alaina Huffman and others by Chad Rock. Well, everything can be confirmed only by seeing the show, so just wait for the release of the show.

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It is expected that season 7 will have 16 episodes where the 7th episode will be directed by Lindsey Morgan. Earlier also, some of the episodes of the previous seasons were directed by Bob Morley and Henry Ian Cusick.