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That Disney is Losing millions Dollar a Day After Government Closing US Parks!!

To avoid the spreading of coronavirus, the place where the crowd exists are closing down. Stadiums are closed and many big events are canceled or delayed.

But the biggest news for everyone is that Disney’s parks are also closed. The parks are closed for everyone till March-end.

This decision of the government is affecting many companies but the major shock is for Walt Disney Company.

A report shows that the one day of loss after the closing of the theme park to the Disney Company is $20 to $30 million.

Everyone is expecting that the parks are open in March but this is also not confirmed.

And this is the cost of only one country but the Disney parks are closed in every country like Hong Kong and Paris.

As you will know this closure of the parks does not affect any employee salary, they still get paid by the Disney Company.

Updates about the Disney!!

Once the government, Disney and the people believe that the Disney theme parks are safe for the people that are coming their then the theme parks are reopened again by the company.

The people are not staying at home and they all are surely very excited to go again to the theme park to spend some time and take some clean air.

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The Disney is also making plan to make an avengers campus at the Disney theme park to attract some more people towards it and it is going to be most interesting thing for all the marvel and avengers fans.