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Thanos Prequel Shoe Disney Josh Brolin Will Be Coming Soon

For a decade, Marvel’s biggest baddy villain , Thanos had our heroes giving a tough time until he met his end in the Avengers Endgame, with the sacrifices of many heroes like Black Widow, Ironman and Vision. While fans are excited as they get to witness, the backstory of Black Widow in the new movie which is releasing this year, there are certain reports circulating around that Thanos might be back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here’s every detail we know.

A Prequel backstory of Thanos

The evidences that leads to that Thanos will be back is that of the probability he is going to be seen in the Chloé Zhao’s comic group pic of The Eternals. And for this cameo, we have heard that Josh Brolin may repeat his role of notorious villain somewhere elsewhere too.

If reports are to be believed, Thanos is probably getting his own constrained series on Disney’s new streaming digital platform, Disney+ . The series will go back as a prequel and Brolin to be back in the part.

Other Details

The fans can see get to know better about the character through his backstory and what occasions that lead him to the lowlife he at last became. We may see characters like Gamora, Nebula and Ronan in this series playing parts. But for as of now, nothing’s been confirmed.

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