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Thandie Newton Shares Experience While Working With Tom Cruise

Thandie Newton who has recently completed 3 three decades in Hollywood. Her acting career has been incredible and she has proved herself time and again. Thandie has recently been in news because of her firey interview with one of the magazines.
In a very recent interview with Vulture, she held nothing back while talking about her then co-star, Tom Cruise. Thandie and Tom have worked together in a superhit film Mission: Impossible 2 back in 2000. Although, she has not been cast into any other installment of the franchise.

She recalls working alongside Cruise and says what a dominant individual he was. Also, Tom tries really hard to a nice person and according to him, he can only do things best as it can be done. She also mentions a scene when Tom was not happy with her lines. Because according to him she has the sh**ttiest lines. Now looking at those scenes, she believes that she could have handled it better. 20 years down the line, realizations have changes and things have changed.

She has admitted that she was scared while working with him and her entire journey has been like a nightmare to her. The actress pulls out the curtain from so many things and revealed so many things in a lengthy interview. She also shares how tough and intense it was to work with Tom Cruise on his franchise.
Although, she also says about him that she doesn’t think of him as a horrible person now. As she thinks that it might be the pressure of work or the stress.
However, E! News has reached out to hear any comment from Tom’s terms regarding the interview. But sadly it looks like that we haven’t heard anything from him yet.

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