Terence Lewis Mistakenly Touched Nora Fatehi on Back and Videos Trends Over Social Platforms

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Terence Lewis ….what a big name in dance platform. We all are aware that he is a well known Indian dancer and choreographer. We have seen him as a judge in many dance reality shows. Nora Fatehi is a Canadian dancer and she has become a famous personality in the Indian film industry and she is best known for her work as a model, dancer, actress… Fans are always excited to see her in the movies doing the dance performance because everyone is so much impressed by her sexy moves. She has a big fan following and has made her name in the film industry so early because of her hard work and talent.

What has been done by Terrence Lewis?

Nora is well known for her sexy dance moves..so the latest news is that the choreographer has been caught touching Nora Fatehi bottom on the reality dance show India’s best dancer which streams on Sony tv.

Nandini Advani released this news over Twitter. She uploaded a video on twitter with a caption “Closing the day who said the only gutter in #Bollywood See in the TV industry as well @SonyTV @NCWIndia @HMOIndia.”. 

Was it intentional?

It was just a mistake as when Terrence Lewis was about to raise his hand, he mistakenly touched her back…. .but not intentionally. And we know our media, they just started spreading this news all across the social media. The media has spread this news in such a way that makes no sense.

Terrance is known for his contemporary dance and he also runs a dance academy. Earlier Malaika was the judge of the show, but we know that she is struggling with COVID -19 so she has been replaced with Nora Fatehi as a judge. Hoping for her speedy recovery.

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