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Tenet: Cast, Release Date, Details and Every Exciting Update Is Here You Need to Know

Christopher Nolan is synonymous with excellence in screen. One of the very few film makers in the world, who has actually achieved the blend of critical and commercial success in movies. He rose to insurmountable fame after the ‘Dark Knight’ Trilogy, and has given us some of the greatest movies in the history of Hollywood like ‘Inception’, ‘The Prestige’ and ‘Interstellar’ just to name a few.

This time reports state that Nolan is back with something that can easily be called the most ambitious and expensive movie project in the last quarter of a century. The movie has been titled ‘Tenet’.

All Updates and Details about Tenet

Warner Bros and Nolan himself has been very tight lipped about the script. He has managed to keep the storyline completely unknown to the most inquisitive of paparazzi movie article websites.

However the least bit of information that we can gather states that it will be a detective thriller with blockbuster action sequences. It will center around the current spy and espionage system in the world.

This has led to speculation that this might be Nolan’s spin off for the 007 Bond movie. However Nolan has said nothing to confirm or deny the reports. The movie has been shot at exotic locations with millions of dollars being spent on music, props and costumes.
The aura of the movie has a sense of extravagance to it with a royal casting list already prepared.

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Casting Details of Tenet

Christopher Nolan has always believed in the philosophy of casting the right man for the right job. He has never shied away from approaching bonafide hollywood legends like Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale for lead roles.

However this time he has casted a relatively unknown face in John David Washington in the lead role. Joining him in his endeavour would be Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki. The other actors who are casted in the movie Kenneth Brannagh, Michael Caine, Dimple Kapadia and Ann Taylor Johnson.

Release Date of Tenet

Warner Brothers has decided July 17, 2020 to be the release date for the movie. It will be released across all multiplexes in the world with special screening in USA, UK and India.
The kind of resume that Nolan has, this movie is expected to add to his laurels.

He has himself claimed that this is the most ambitious project he has ever been a part of. When Nolan claims this, tightening your seat belts would be the most favored option as you are definitely in for the ride of your life.