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Tell Me Why: Thriller Game Arrives With All the Latest Information

Video games are always a great source of recruitment and recreation. Whenever we do get some time off our hectic schedule, we do prefer to play some games. It not only relieves us of our mental stress but also maintains our spirit of enjoyment. There are a variety of genres you can enjoy while playing a video game. Some prefer to play sports arcade, while some prefer action based RPG games. Others might also fancy a game based on delicate adventures.

Dontod Applications was a hit franchise. The two primary releases Twin Mirror and Life is Strange garnered extremely popular reviews. It was received with great positive reception. However the game developers have announced that they are coming up with something even bigger. Their newest venture would be a game called Tell Me Why.

What Can We Expect From the Gameplay?

Dontnod has come up with this exciting venture at a present situation of unrest. Tell Me Why is based on the story of two brothers and their journeys in life. Set in the backdrop of an imaginary land in Alaska, it deals with the life of two brothers. Alyson and Tyler Ronan venture on a discovery to find the deepest truths of their life. Although much details is not known, but it is sure that it will be a self discovery of love, lies and deceit. It would mainly have two storylines.

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The player can choose the storyline he or she would follow. Storyline would actually determine how the consequences would pan out with stark difference in situations. Unique concept incorporated in the show is that of Tyler’s identity. He is the first LGBTQ character in the history of professional gaming. Dontnod has contacted with GLAAD, the agency of LGBTQ community. They want to keep all the details of the game intact with absolute priority to intricacies.

When Will the Game Release?

Tell Me Why is expected to release in the Summer of 2020. Exact date of the release is still unknown. There might be some unintentional delay due to the prevailing Coronavirus situation. Thus no conclusion is being reached at this point of time.

Where Will the Game Release?

The game is expected to release on all traditional gaming platforms. That includes Xbox One, Xbox Live, Personal Computer and PS4. There may be other devices where different versions of the game might be available. In order to get updates regarding that, stay tuned to our website.