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Tell Me Why: Release Date and Other Things You Need to Know

DONTNOD Entertainment are the ones behind Life is Strange and Vampyr. Now, they have recently announced that they are developing a new game. This upcoming game is called Tell Me Why for now. It will most probably be out for Xbox and PC.

What Is Tell Me Why About?

This game focuses on Tyler and Alyson Ronan. These two are twins. They are trying to unravel some mysteries from the past in a small town in Alaska. The mysterious character remains mysterious. However, according to the description of the game that the story will revolve around the group’s childhood. They were loved but their childhood was troubled too.

How Will the Gameplay Be?

Tell Me Why will have a special kind of gameplay. The storytelling system will have players watch different interpretation of the events which happened in the past of the twins. Besides that, the players will need to pick the different events they want to take into consideration.

These choices will not affect the narrative but they might impact the relationship of the twins. Past choices will affect the future ones.

Release Date of Tell Me Why

The game will be out on Xbox One and PC through Microsoft Shop and Steam respectively. It will be released in the summer of 2020. However, there is no exact release date yet.

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DONTNOD likewise says they’ve worked intently with Microsoft and the LGBTQ press backing organization ‘GLAAD’ to have the option to precisely depict Tyler, a transgender character. DONTNOD expects this effort raises the bar for forthcoming LGBTQ incorporation in gaming. Moreover, they express that they have heard grumblings with respect to the sprinkled release dates of past verbose experiences and plan to release all Tell Me Why over a fundamentally shorter time.

People pondered which bearing DONTNOD would go after Vampyr ended up being a not so perfect experience for the players. This declaration appears to make it completely clear that they are returning into the story-based experience of the game that was found in Life is Strange. Given the accomplishment of that arrangement and its side project, hence, we are idealistic that Tell Me Why will profit by the studio’s significant experience.