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Taylor Swift Tweet on Donald Trump Is Getting More Likes in Past Hour

The entire world’s eyes has been on Minneapolis for the last few days. There has been a violent furor after the killing of a black man in the state. Wild protests with arms and ammunition has engulfed the entire country. This is the latest reign of terror in Donald Trump’s Presidency in recent times. The police officer and his compatriots charged with the murder have been put on trial. People are expecting swift justice to be made in the case. Various international celebrities have slammed Donald Trump’s opinion on the issue.

What did Taylor Swift tweet?

President Trump was lambasted after the comments he made on Twitter about the death of George Floyd. Taylor Swift, the famous musician was the latest addition to the list of scathing attacks. Blank Space singer Swift absolutely thrashed the President by a tweet. She said that Trump’s reign had only brought about white supremacy and racial disparities. He was not at all qualified to talk about the human morality. They would surely topple the government by voting against him in November. Taylor’s tweet garnered 1.7 million likes and was retweeted several times. It made this post of hers one of her most liked reactions on Social Media. Popular TV show host Jimmy Kimmel also joined in the protest. He questioned whether it was morally correct to stay in a country led by a dictatorial madman.

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Which Trump Tweet caused the controversy?

President Donald Trump tweeted that he would deploy military to thwart the protests. After saying in his violent tweet that shooting starts when looting starts, he sparked widespread controversy and negativity. Although he later clarified it to be a general statement, damage was already done. He said that he was disturbed how the killing of a black man was starting countrywide protests. Dispatching the NSG and military personnel seemed the only feasible option to him in order to save the country. Hooliganism and Vandalism had to be stopped. It was only brandishing the death of Floyd, after he was killed by Derek Chauvin. In the video recorded Floyd was seen begging for mercy. Officer Chauvin had pressed his leg against Floyd’s neck for a long time. This incident ultimate led to his demise.

Which other celebrities joined in the protest?

Other celebrities like Justin Bieber, Cardi B and Demi Lovato joined in the protest.