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Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande Are Highest-Paid Celebrities 2020

The music industry has expanded like never before. Not only does it entail a celebrity status, but also loads of fame. Along with that fame comes the huge amount of riches that a popular musician earns in this era. Music artists today have become the most recognizable faces on the planet with their sponsorship deals. Previously music was only restricted to the life and the album platforms. With the invention of so many different avenues, scope to showcase talent has increased manifold. Forbes magazine recently released the list of 100 richest musicians in the world. Two of the prime female singers in the world today feature in that list.

Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande in the Forbes List

Both Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande have had considerable success in the last few years. They have both become pop-culture sensations with their songs achieving cult status among fans. In the recently published Forbes, List Taylor Swift occupied the 25th position. She earned about $63.5 million which is a totally significant and huge sum of money. Apart from her, Ariana Grande has had an amazing year as well. Most of her singles have topped the charts and have been ranked as the most hit singles in recent memory. She occupied the 17th position with a total earning of $72 million. That makes both of them stand out performers in this list dominated by male artists.

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Other eminent celebrities in the list

There’s a long list of other celebrities too who have made a fortune in recent times. Kanye West is one of the prime rappers in the world today. He has made millions of dollars mostly from his fashion statements. Another name that has steadily featured on that list is Elton John. This legend has truly been one of the greatest music visionaries of this century. He deserves to be on that elite list. Along with them some of the other celebrities are Ed Sheeran, Post Malone and Kylie Jenner. Some famous brands have also regularly featured on that list. They include the famous Jonas Brothers, The Chain-smokers, The Rolling Stone, etc.

The validity of Forbes List

Forbes is arguably one of the prime magazines in the world. It publishes articles on a daily basis that focuses on the personal and professional lives of eminent celebrities.