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Symptons Of Coronovirus And How To Prevent From It

More deadly than it sounds, this expanding and augmenting calamity is increasing its impact day by day. It’s probably nature taking a break and to recline itself, but perhaps it has chosen the wrong path. This fact cannot be declined that keeping in mind the present situation; we are reaping what we had sown in the past. Without any ambiguity, we can say that this is the result of our actions.

It would have been better if we had realized what harm we are doing to mother nature. Talking about the origin of this spreading virus, it is said to have spread through bats. It had it’s the first outbreak in Wuhan, China, and now it is observed to be a pandemic disease with more than 81,000 citizens of china being infected. It had hit the other parts of the world as well, including our mother nation. It is said to be spreading through close contact with people or by not maintaining proper hygiene.

This virus can also land on objects, and thus we can also get contaminated. The risk of getting nominated by the infection depends on how fast it has spread in a person’s local area. It shows it’s a significant impact on older people of above 65 years of age as it is believed that they do not possess that much immunity as required to defeat that virus.

It has been stated that people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, lung disorder, etc. need to be particularly taken care of and to e saved from this dangerous maneater.


Talking about the symptoms of COVID-19, researchers believe that the most common symptoms of this virus include fever, tiredness, and dry cough. Most people get recover from the disease without getting COVID POSITIVE. Difficulty in breathing also falls under the primary category of symptoms of CORONA. According to the researchers, children below ten years and elders above 65 years of age should specifically take precautionary measures as they are not immune up to that extent as we, young people, are. They should follow specific hygienic rules to get themselves saved from this deadly COVID-19.


Diseases like this are unenviable, but still, as our contribution, we can take several steps to stop CORONAVIRUS from spreading at a faster pace. These steps include-covering the face(specifically the nose and the mouth) with a mask( as prescribed by the researchers-MASK N95 or P100 ).

Apart from this, we should avoid close contact with people as much as possible since this virus is said to be able to survive on a surface up to 12 hours after which it loses its existence. Thus, it is preferably advisable to avoid handshake or any close contact with other people as much as possible. Doctors also advise us to avoid going to public places such as malls, local markets, tourist places, etc.

We, humans, are the ones who had brought this into existence, and we are responsible for taking measures to get rid of it. It seems that the world had stopped. Every creature of this planet had taken a break as if nature wants to make us realize that we have been selfish, and in my view, it’s high time when we should recognize that we had created enough loss to our humankind, and we can’t afford more.

MOREOVER, let’s contribute our best to JANTA, as stated by our very owned PRIME MINISTER. Let’s get together, let’s unite together to fight against this deadly virus as it’s already late and we can’t afford more!.

TOGETHER WE CAN AND TOGETHER WE WILL. It’s time to prove our unity to be much higher than the effect of CORONA.

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