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Sylvanian families season 1, is finally coming

Sylvanian Families is an animated series based on the Sylvanian Families. It was produced by Tetsuo Katayama. Sylvanian families was produced in the United States by DIC Animation City. It was first aired in 1987 on Syndication, with reruns on PAX TV during the late 1990s.

Release date of Sylvanian Families

Netflix is launching season 1 of Sylvanian Families on March 1.

Characters of Sylvanian Families

The show consists of:


The Evergreens (Bears), The Babblebrooks (Rabbits), The Slydales (Foxes), The Thistlethorns (Mice), The Chestnuts (Raccoons), The Wildwoods (Rabbits), The Waters (Beavers), the Windwards (Rabbits), The Sweetwaters (Bears), The Timbertops (Bears) 


Packbat, Gatorpossum (Packbat’s minion), The Slydales


The Woodkeeper


Donny, Joey, Grace, Maria, Charlie, Penny, Jack, Jonathan, Katie, Bridget, Jessica, Lisa, Chrissie, Robby, Sara, Sid, Jamie, Tracy, Diane (Di), Jerry & Susan, Mikey, Lori, Andy, Debra, Evan, Amelia.

Get ready to watch  The Sylvanian Families Cause sweet little residents of this adorable village are always having lots of fun with their friends and families!

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