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Switzerland Matterhorn Mountain Indian Flag Displayed and Pictures Goes Viral

As the coronavirus epidemic is at its peak .We have seen that indian flag was projected on Matterhorn mountain in Switzerland .The flag is a symbol of strength and hope in these days of coronavirus,that we all will stand together in this hard time.

It’s a hope to all the countries that are still struggling with the epidemic covid-19 ,that everything will be fine soon.

What’s the viral picture signifies?

Pictures of tricolour on the mountain matterhorn have gone viral on social media and it is posted back by many of the citizens on their  social media to promote solidarity within the country.

What’s the statement by tourism oraganization?

A  statement has been  written by the tourism organisation Zermatt Matterhorn which signifies that as India is one of the most popular country and it’s going through a very hard time  so to give hope and strength ,the flag has been intended on the mountain.Even our prime minister ,narendra modi has praised the statement . 

As the number of cases in India is increasing day by day and there is no permanent cure for the disease.Doctors are giving their best ,but as a responsible citizen it’s ours responsibility to unite the nation ,to do whatever we can do for our own citizens.Every precautionary measures should be adopted by each citizen.

According to some online article 

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Swiss light artist Gerry Hofsetter has been displaying the flags of different countries on the 4,478-metre peak so that hope level does not go down among the citizens.

The mountain matterhorn is a mountain in between Switzerland and Italy.

The flags of different countries have also been displayed on other famous mountains to enlighten its citizens with hope,strength and solidarity.

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