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Switzerland Matterhorn Indian Flag News Won All Indians Heart After They Displayed Flag on Mountains

The Prime Minister of India has tweeted the picture of Indian Tricolor has been projected on Switzerland’s highest mountain, the mount of Matterhorn. Swizz artist Gerry Hofstetter did this breathtaking, fantastic work, and he used lighting technique on 14,690 feet mountain that remarks salute to the Indians fighting Coronavirus epidemic so well that is motivating the world and Indians are setting an example for the world in this tough time.
After the prime Minister’s tweet, the picture is going viral on the internet, and this is very proud moments for every Indian as well as this honor for India internationally is a message of hope.
The spectacular display of the country’s national flag on the highest mountain of Switzerland is a mark of solidarity and message of unity for the world. Unity and hope is the need of the world to overcome the Coronavirus pandemic. Indian Foreign Service Officer Gurleen Kaur also tweeted the projection of image through lighting technique created by the artist on eight meters height in her tweet she posted the picture with a caption that this is the friendship of Himalaya and Alps and being a proud Indian she is glad for this with her gratitude to the people of Switzerland.
On March 24, the lighting was done on Matterhorn Mount from four kilometers away on the north and east-facing of the mount. The message reflected in words like ‘hope,’ ‘solidarity,’ ‘stay home’ which was projected on mountain peak also with substantial red hearts on the National flag of Switzerland.
Even on the mountain of Matterhorn, the national flag of India, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, United States Of America, was beamed on Wednesday night.
The Swiss artist who did this magnificent and outstanding work, Hofstetter said that the mount Matterhorn stands for the lighthouse, which has triggered the idea of reflecting the messages of hope and unity that is needed for motivating the world to fight from the Coronavirus pandemic.

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