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Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond Was Influence by His First Daughter

Sweet Caroline is one of the most iconic hits ever. Written and performed by singer Neil Diamond it was the go-to track in the summer of 1969. With nice lyrics and catchy music, the song was a delight for the karaoke lovers. Such was its popularity that the song went on to spend 14 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. Till now the tune of the song remains legendary which brings back the nostalgia from the summer of 1969.

Where Did He Get the Inspiration for the Song?

There have been many speculations about the name of the song. Who was the ‘Sweet Caroline’ in the song? He revealed the details in 2007. 

The song was written for Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of former President of The US, John F. Kennedy. He was mesmerized by the picture of a sweet girl in a magazine. She was none other than Caroline Kennedy who was 9 years old at that time. The innocence of Caroline inspired Diamond to write a song about it. 

He is still thankful to Caroline about the legendary track which is the most successful song he has written in his entire career as a songwriter and singer. The song had a charm to it which brought people closer. No Doubt why Diamond calls it the most important song he has ever written. 

He wrote the song in about an hour and was quick enough to compose it. His sales were also increased because of the Sweet Caroline. The idea would have been still a mystery to us had Diamond not revealed the secret. He surprised Caroline Kennedy on her 50th birthday by singing the song for her. 

Did He Rewrite the Song?

Recently he rewrote the song to approach the peoples who are fearful and hurt by the ongoing pandemic. Version 2.0 of the song was acknowledged by all the fans around the world. This not only brought back the nostalgia of the summer of 1969 but also united the people with its sweer lyrics. It was a nice way by Diamond to help and spread positivity through his artform.

Almost half a century has passed when the original song was released, but the song stills remain legendary.

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