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Survivor Season 41 Casting and Theme You Need to Know

The Survivor is a survival show about a group of people who are left on a stranded island. They must do what is needed to survive. The prize for the winner of the show is around 1 million dollars. The contestants are voted by the members of the group and one who comes last gets eliminated. The last survivor takes home the million-dollar prize.

Is the Casting for Survivor Over Yet? 

The CBS network reality show has already renewed for season 41 and 42. Sources say that the casting has been done but the names of the contestants are yet to be disclosed officially. In the previous season, we have seen that the contestants are either the previous players who have not won or we get a fresh new cast for the season. Either way, the show is fun with a lot of adventure and excitement.  

This time again the crew was to go to mount Fiji for the shooting, in the month of March, but the current pandemic has stopped ruined everything. They have no other way instead of shifting the date further ahead. CBS has already made it official that further details about the starting of the show will be out later in the month of March. 

This year there might be all newbies as per the close sources. Even season 42 will consist of newbies, which was set for filming in the month of May. We’ll have to wait for any further updates.

Is the Theme of Survivor 41 Disclosed?

The theme for the next season is still unknown. There is no announcement about it by Jeff Probst. They will surely come up with an interesting theme for the show. So we need to worry about it. The creators of the show are targeting a release date sometime in the fall. 

One thing that we know for sure is that the token which was introduced in the previous season is going to stay for long. He had confirmed this before. He is used to giving details regarding the show now and then. So we could hope if the filming starts Jeff will let us know in advance. 

Meanwhile the CBS show, The Amazing Race will not be releasing on its scheduled date of May 20. If by any chance they are unable to shoot season 41 of the survivor, The Amazing Race would release in the fall to make up for it. 

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