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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and He Is in Hospital Now

Ms. Ruth Bader Ginsburg who is 87 years old. She has been getting treatment in John Hopkins Hospitals, Baltimore. This was on Tuesday, according to Kathy Arberg, who is a spokeswoman.

Ms. Ginsburg’s Health

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been getting some treatment over the recent years. She has had many health issues. During Nov 2019, she had to be hospitalized after she started having a fever and chills. During August, she was getting treatment for a tumour which was on her pancreas.

Even in 2009, she had pancreatic cancer. She suffered from colon cancer back in 1999. Besides this, there were two cancerous nodules which had to be removed from her lung. Not just this, she had also been through a lot. She has had fractured ribs due to falling.

Her Current Situation

On Wednesday, Ginsburg is going to try to be a part of the court without actually being there. She will try to continue working from the hospital. Ms Ginsburg is loved by the people. Since, she is one the most senior and liberal judge, people tend to watch her health much more closely. According to the doctors, she will have stay in the hospital for around 2 days.

Her Work

Ms Ruth Bader Ginsburg will hear the arguments by using a telephone. This is because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Besides this, the case is maybe related to Affordable Care Act. Ms Ginsburg is actually the oldest sitting judge. However, in US, Supreme Court Judges either serve for their whole life. That is, until they choose to be retired.

However, people have been battling with the fact that if something happens to her then someone else would take her face.

Why Would That Be Bad?

Well, it is certainly possible that the judge who will replace her would not be liberal. After President Trump took office, there has been a majority of judges who are not liberal. Ms Ginsburg is known to be a very liberal judge or very considerate. However, more conservative judges would be very hard for people. Hence, they are worrying about this fact. We pray for Judge Ginsburg quick recovery along with everyone else.

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