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Superman Man of Steel Cast List All You Need to Know

Who isn’t a fan of Superman? Undoubtedly the most popular character of the DC Universe along with Batman. His superhuman strengths and godly powers make him a true force to be reckoned with. He is truly seen as the leader and most powerful entity in the Justice League. Many versions of Superman have gained recognition on the big screen.

Hollywood royalties have played this role but Henry Cavill was the one who truly owned it up. One of the most recognizable faces on Earth, due to his portrayal as Superman, this charming man is a heartthrob for millions. Some details about the movie Man of Steel is provided below.

Superman Man of Steel: Plot

The premise of this story is set in the imaginary planet of Krypton. Their leader Jor-El looks to steal the genetic codex from the evil forces present there. General Zod, his main opposition, yet initially his best friend, raises a rebellion against it. He kills Jor-El in the process and destroys Krypton, but not before Jor had implanted this code in the genes of his son, Kal El. A mutated spaceship carries Kal to Earth where he raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent. Given the name Clarke, He soon realizes that he is different from others of his own age.

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Soon after his father dies, Clarke sets out on a journey of self-discovery. After activating the voice module in the ship, he comes aware of his destiny. While on Earth, he befriends and falls in love with Daily Planet Reporter Clarke Kent. Unable to keep his identity secret, the world becomes aware of the prowess of Clarke aka Superman. General Zod returns to Earth to decimate the planet. A violent encounter follows which almost levels the entire earth’s surface. Superman emerges victorious and shows why he is the most powerful entity in the universe. He then starts working under his alias as a reporter of Daily Planet alongside Lois.

Superman Man of Steel: Cast List

Henry Cavill plays the role of Clark Kent aka Superman in the movie. Jor-El is played by Russell Crowe and Amy Adams plays Lois Lane. Diane Lane and Kevin Costner are Martha and Jonathan Kent respectively. Lawrence Fishburne is the chief of the Daily Planet Perry. The antagonistic character of General Zod is played by Michael Shannon.

Superman Man of Steel: Release Date

The movie had a universal release on June 10, 2013. Although it received mixed reviews, it still remains one of the highest-grossing movies in the DC Universe.