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Succession Season 3 Do We Have Release Date Here Are All the Details

If you are a fan of HBO show Succession which is slowly becoming the best show on TV then you would have lots of question from the Succession finale which are to be answered by Succession season 3. Succession revolves around billionaire Logan Roy who in the view of question that who will be the successor to his business empire makes his children become rivals of each other. Till second season the show was all about the family saga but the season two finale took a turn when the ancestral battles have turned in to a legal battle which has made the season 3 more interesting as the battle between the ancestor will intensify.

When can we see the season 3:

HBO eagerness to release the show can be seen by the fact that it gave the confirmation of a third season in August 2019. Though its release date is not confirmed yet but seeing the trend of the release of previous seasons we can hope to see the show in summers of 2020.

About The Cast:

There is no official announcement yet but taking a look at season 2 finale it looks like all the major character has to return in season 3 to complete its story. So you can expect your major character to return.

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About The Plot of Season 3:

There is a certain question that is prevailing in Season 3 that how will Logan cope up with his son betrayal and will he be able to maintain the grip over his firm. There are certain theories coming up which are trying to predict the story for season 3.

According to one of them if we see the trend followed by Succession than season 1 was focused on Kendall and season 2 was based on Shiv. So each season revolves around any one character, so it’s been suspected that Roman will play a major role in this season. Also, the plot will focus on the marriage of Shiv and Tom which is in its difficult stage. Roman and Gerri’s partnership is expected to make the season more interesting.