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Stunning Video Game “The Elder Scrolls” Is Upgrading to Level VI : Relaese Date, Trailer and Much More

Video games are a big form of entertainment when you’re restricted to your house. Having a go at the Xbox and PS4 is the hobby for a large proportion of teenagers all across the world. During this period of quarantine most gaming companies have launched their games on the platforms. This in turn has helped them generate a lot of revenue due to online downloads of the official version. A game which has been in the news for a considerable time now is Elder Scrolls VI.

Previous version of the game released in 2019. But due to the Coronavirus, E3 2020 cancelled it’s production. Bethesda Studios, the mind behind this game, delayed it’s release. However fans were quite excited when they heard that the game would have a 6th edition.

Storyline of The Elder Scrolls Game

Elder Scrolls is set in a mythical world of pre medieval period where man and monsters live together. In a land reminiscent of Roman Empire, orcs and other animals co exist with human beings. It is a land of magic, super powers and beings with incredible ability. Every year, a war comes upon the people who live there. After rigorous training, a hero is chosen to lead the people into the horrific war. The hero has to fight against the devastating and deadly force of monsters, with a hoard of villains assisting him.

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Recent Developments in the game

No updates about the game has still been released. However a glimpse of the teaser was shown online by Bethesda. It showed that the storyline had a scenic setting full of beautiful waters, stony huts and mountains. It indicates that the location shifted to Tamriel. However many fans do argue that the location could also be that of Hammer fell. This place is located on the southern side of the High Rocks. High Rocks again plays a very important role in the setting of the game.

The Elder Scrolls: Release Date

We have not got any information about a probable release date. Bethesda Studios has confirmed that they would work on Starfield for now. Then after its completion, they would focusing on developing Elder Scrolls. Primary goal of the organization now is to release Starfield on the online platforms. However they have stated that Elder Scrolls will only be released on Xbox one and on PS5. This means that there is a considerable time before we can hear any new updates about the game.