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Stuck With You Ariana Grande: Release Date and is it related to Justin Bieber?

The music industry has been making widespread efforts to help those in need at this hour of crisis. Many recognizable pop stars are recording songs from their own albums. Some are going out of the box and recording online collaborations. Such things can take place over a video conferencing after days of rehearsal. Many prominent music artists have so far released their cover albums and more are waiting in the line. However, the one that has generated the highest amount of interest is between Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.

What song has the duo recorded?

Justin and Ariana have for a long time spoken about getting together while making a song. But owing to their busy schedule, they were not able to make up time for it. However, this quarantine has given them a perfect opportunity. Both the hugely popular pop stars have recorded their first proper joint venture album song called Stuck with You. The music video is a montage of clippings from both Justin and Ariana’s life. Some crowdsourced and other videos have also been edited along with them to give the video a different feel. This is not really the first time that they have actually worked together. Grande has previously been a part of Justin’s album what do you mean where she featured in one of the songs.

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When will the song release?

The official activities related to the release of the song are all over. Thus it will release on 8th May 2020. YouTube has been flooded with repeated views on the video increasing. It has already officially broken all records for the amount of money it has generated. Much more is anticipated from the video. The amount of aid generated will be going to the First Respondents Children Charity Organization. The money would further be put to use in order to buy books and other educational items for the children. Some underprivileged children would also get special scholarship facilities out of the amount generated from the same.

Is the song related to Justin Bieber?

The lyrics of the song do quite prove the amount of love brewing between both these pop stars. In public, they have repeatedly spoken about their mutual admiration and love for each other. If this truly turns out to be the next big relationship in Hollywood, you are in for a treat. Cause they would surely make a great couple with their legions of fans all across the globe.