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“Streets Of Rage” Is Coming Back. Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Part Of The Game.

“Streets of Rage 4” is going to have a remake in 2020 and it seems that we are going to have a lot of action going our way.

The game is although going to have the same 90’s vibe surrounded as same as SEGA used to provide.

What Is New About This Retro?

As the game is going to be provided by Limited Run Games which is going to have a collector’s edition for $59.99 which way more than the original price of $34.99. The game is going to be available for both Nintendo Switch and Play Station 4.

Why To Buy??

The upcoming physical release is the best as it will provide us with either a retro look or you will be able to choose always the standard edition which is cheaper.

Yet, The classic edition will be very handy as the game is going to give you a SteelBook case which is going to provide with a Genesis clamshell which is going to provide all of the extra features in it.

Nintendo Switch is going to provide a better platform for the game as the game will be able to get more switch platforms and with that, also the game will be pretty handy.

The pre-order of the game is on 20th March which you can do by going to the official website of Limited Run Games.

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Good Stuff??

The game is going to be more than just better as the visuals are going to be terrific and with crystal clear precision, you will be able to witness every move.

In addition to that, there will be also a lot of good electro music, good enough to make you feel all groovy.

And also, the come back of Alex and Blake for the fight with Cherry Hunter, it’s going to get better.

The game has been always in demand and with the new look, it’s better than ever, So gaming fans get your Nintendo Switch and start playing the game So that you will be able to relive the world of Rage with the help of Alex and Blake.

So, People hold your horses for the time being.