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Stray Teaser Trailer Is out Now

Online gaming and Console games has been the biggest reprieve during the time of lockdown. People have tried to embrace boredom sacrificing their desires to safety. In this journey of humankind, pc gaming has been like a boon to them. Recently it was revealed that PlayStation would be launching a new model. It will be titled PlayStation 5. With the release of this gaming module, comes a completely new array of games and other associated events.

Stray: Storyline

The storyline for the game Stray is very unique and strange in its genre. It centers around the story of a cat who is lost in the cybersecurity world. The setting of the game is in the Kowloon town of Honk Kong. The town is inhabited by strange robots, droids and other different kinds of space creatures. A cat is the protagonist character of the gameplay. It roams around with a fluorescent backpack behind it. The contents of the backpack are still unknown. There is much apprehension about whether it just contains cat essentials or a jetpack. In addition to that, the cat will solve different sorts of missions in the form of puzzles and other treasure hunt quests. The sole objective of the cat is to complete the missions so that she could reach her own world. With the completion of every individual mission, a specific portal would be opening up. With this portal, the cat will travel to the next level. There it would try to solve the cases related to crime and other forms of treachery and debauchery.

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Stray: Gameplay

The gameplay for Straw is expected to be very simple. A few years ago a space-bound cat’s gif started sprawling on the internet. It was soon made into memes which started trending widely on all forms of social media. They include What’s app, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is now that people have realized that it is a sort of console game. Graphics of the game is much enhanced with effective importance given to the details.

Stray: Release Date

Amidst the current situation of uncertainty, it is very difficult to predict when the game will be out. It is said to be released along with the arrival of PS5. After its launch there, it will be available on the Personal Computer version. The teaser trailer for the game is out and it seems very interesting.