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Stimulus Bill: Historic Boost for Unemployment Benefits in the USA

In a historical broadening of the unemployment insurance, the government of the United States of America will give all the unemployed workers an stimulus packages extra of $600 apart from their state benefits as a part of a new $2 trillion deal which the lawmakers agreed to on Wednesday.

“It has unemployment insurance on steroids,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stated. “But, and most importantly, the federal government will pay your salary, your full salary for now four months.”

While the extra money paid wouldn’t entirely replace the lost wages of higher paid workers but would obviously add a little something extra to everyone’s regular state benefits.

This new change has been brought because of the coronavirus which has brought upon a havoc on the economy. More and more people do not have jobs now as the governors have shut down all the non-essential businesses.

Now the lawyers also want to add 13 weeks of extended benefits fully covered by the government. Currently, most states provide half a year of benefits. Plus the deal calls for a pandemic unemployment assistance program which would put everyone in jobs who don’t qualify the assistance usually given.

The legislation would also provide assistance for those who have had their hours reduced by giving them incentives.

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But as a matter of fact, part time employees are only eligible for unemployment in some states as the senate deal is unclear about it.

The coronavirus pandemic has also made the states expand benefits and give more assistance to those who are stuck or sick or quarantined or caring for an ill family member.

The provisions for the unemployed would expire by the end of the year.