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‘Steven Universe Future’ Schedule: Episode 13 Release Date And What Will Happen In Episode 14

Steven Universe’s future is a cartoon animated series… ,and bad news for its fans is that there are not many episodes left of this series. This series is the creation of Rebecca Sugarit and it was first time aired on December 7, 2019 and will take an end on March 27, 2020. Like last time it will come with its  last four episodes soon,and they will be aired on 27 march 2020.

Glimpses from past episodes-

As we have seen in the 11th episode that steven was scared by his nightmares and after that he had a thought that he should spend some time with his loved ones with no excuses while in the 12th episode ,all the show was revolving around bismuth as the title of the show itself suggest that.

Releasing date of Episode 13 & episode 14

Episode 13 &14 will come soon come after a long break .It will come on march 13,2020 just after a complete week after the two episodes were released.It will come on cartoon network .The timings are exactly 7:00pm and 7:15 pm eastern.The title for episode 13&14 is given as Together Forever” & “Growing Pains” respectively. The time duration for each episode is 15 minutes.

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Then episode 15&16 will come just after a week from its release that is on 20 march ,2020 with the and finally we will have four final episodes of the series on 27 march ,2020 namely Homeworld Bound,” “Everything’s Fine,” “I Am My Monster,” and “The Future.”

Beware spoilers for episode 13 &14-

In episode 13 ,we will see that Connie will get a vision from her future and Steven who was her best friend wants to be in her future anyhow!!..How will she put her best friend in her world or in her future plans? Because he was one of her bestest friends from the start of the series.,so she has to be with him.

While in episode 14 ,we will see that Steven will see the doctor for the first time in his life,definitely scarry….!!

But Steven can overcome any problem with ease after all ,that’s what we have seen from the start of the series.

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