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Steven universe future has the fantastic end Twitterati users gone mad after watching

Steven universe future fantastic ending has failed to resist the crazy fans from twitting
The fifth season of Steven Universe has an ending but a Cartoon network representative told Polygon in an email that the Steven Universe will not end and there will be more to come.
This has surprised many fans who came was not sure of next season will come on cartoon network but the show makers have confirmed of the sixth season of Steven Universe. But no specific release date of release is confirmed yet.

Steven Universe future has a high intensity of entertainment as an animation series with interesting characters like Gems and Steven. It is the series with female-oriented animation also with the strong theme it delivers humor through its storyline, funny dialogues and exotic style of animation.
It has lots of visual gags but nowadays the makers are trying their best to put more fun as it is now failed miserably. The show is left with more adventure in it but has been watched by large fans and still been liked for its unique art and amazing video games and for captivating music.
So, the ending of Steven Universe’s fantastic ending has left the fans to express their feeling through their tweets. The memes shared by Twitterati bidding goodbye to the show. The crazy fans left uncontrolled to share their feelings on Twitter, as one of the fans on Twitter posted a picture with an emotional message and with great aspiration she thanked the show makers Rebecca Sugar, for showing the LGBTQ elements in the children show and also spreading awareness about mental health through this popular cartoon show.
While some fans by expressing their gratitude to the show makers have expressed their love for the show and sadness to the ending of the show. Also, the few twitter users expressed the disappointment by tweeting that the ending scene was without context. Another Twitter handle has posted the message that the ending of the show was like end of an era. So many of the posts flooded the twitter by the crazy fans of the popular animation series went off the air.

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