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Stars Which Are Going to Perform at Joe Biden’s Inauguration. Look at the List of Famous Singer’s Including Taylor Swift and Many More

After the results came out of Presidential election, people are now looking forward to new president’s inauguration. Joe Biden became the 46th president of America beating Trump and kayne. There are many memes and fun topics going around Trump not been able to digest his lost to Biden. So the important point comes who will be performing for Biden for his big win. Many celebrities supported Biden so we are expecting to see them performing in his inauguration for the support. The names aren’t still cleared but through the analysis there’s possibility of these stars performing.

1. Cardi B :- Cardi B really hated Trump’s leadership and at the time of voting she really asked her fans to choose a right president this year. She posted a video in which she said “I’m tired of this bull, I’m tired of getting upset every single time I heard this man talk it’s like are you f* serious. She asked for fans to go either for Biden of kayne. So er can seriously hope from the party person to make the bidens party to whole new level.

2. Taylor Swift : Taylor swift is not much into politics, she rarely takes part into political aspects. But she’s seen as endorsing Biden and his marketing team used ” Only the young ” Song of Taylor to promote Biden. By looking at this it makes pretty clear that Taylor will be performing.

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3. Lady Gaga : lady gaga and Biden worked together in the year 2016 in the event of creating awareness about sexual assault. They seem to be in contact from then as she appeared in one of biden’s rally in Pittsburgh and she again talked about s sexual assault. She also mentioned that Biden is really nice men.

4. Beyonce: Beyonce’s is really famous for being a musical supporters. She has performed many times for Obama and also for Biden. On election day she posted a boomerang video of herself supporting Biden mask and she captioned it as “come thru, Texas #vote.