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Stars Rally To Send Quaden Bayles to Disneyland After Seen Heartbreaking Video.

Stars rally to send Quaden Bayles
Stars rally to send Quaden Bayles

This news is about an Australian boy who is dwarf found crying and tries to kill himself.

This boy found in a video and the video is viral to all over social media platforms and gain the attention of many celebrities and many people.

Many people and celebrities become part of a rally for sending the boy to Disneyland and doing many other things.

The video is first uploaded on Facebook by the mother of that boy; the name of the boy is Quaden Bayles who is only 9 years old.

Stars Rally To Send Quaden Bayles To Disneyland

Stars rally to send Quaden Bayles to Disneyland
Stars rally to send Quaden Bayles to Disneyland

In the video, the boy is requesting for the knife for killing himself. The video is also viral on twitter and more and more people watched that video.

Brad Williams, a comedian make a page name Go fund me page for collecting the fund for Quaden Bayles for sending him to Disneyland.

He writes that this type of behavior by a child is not been tolerated and he deserves a wonderful life.

He also writes that he help him and his mother to fly for Disneyland and also helps them to stay in a good hotel.

With the help of all this, his page has raised $300,000.

Quaden Bayles
Quaden Bayles

The national Rugby team of Australia invited Quaden Bayles for leading them at their match.

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A native of Australia also makes a video for the Quaden Bayles and assures that he is his friend always, and said that the Bullying of the child is not good for other people.

Many people are standing with this Australian child and supporting him for completing his desire and also advising him not to this type of behavior again as killing himself is not good.

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