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Star Wyatt Oleff of “I am not okay with this” Talk about the show!!

In an interview, the star of the show “I am not okay with this show” Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff talk about their characters in the series.

I am not okay with this is a series that premiered on Netflix and the Sophia and Wyatt play their major and important role in it.

The series is loved by the people and gained the highest views in just a few days. The show is based on a novel.

Sophia is in the role of Sydney and Wyatt is in the role of Stanley. They both are neighbors in the series.

As you don’t know the plot of the story so I have to tell you that both Sydney and Stanley are like each other in some points. They both want to live their life in their own condition.

So let’s take you to the interview!!

So then the interviews asked them that their show is having some points common like the stranger things and Chronicles!! Let’s see what they both said.

Wyatt answers this question and said that he like that people are comparing its show with other show and he also added that he did not watch the Chronicle.

He said that this is the personal perspective that ho he/she will see the show.

The interviewer asked them to talk about their character in the show as their next question.

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Sophia talks about her character Sydney and told that the character of Sydney is very close to her life.

Her character is very shy and that’s the reason that she has only one friend.

After when Stanley came into her life she changed and feels that she has some powers that make her different from others.

The next question is to Sophia that how the viewers can feel connected to her character.

Sophia answers this question very easily and said that she is a very simple girl and wants to do the best in her life that every person wants to do.

She always wants to support her friend that everyone wants to do. So this is the character that everyone feels like.

The next question the interviewer asked to the Wyatt. The question is to Stanley that he connected to his father and about the relationship between him and his father?

Wyatt answers the question and said that every boy wants to become like his father by Stanley.

He doesn’t want to be like his father he likes to become the complete opposite of his father.

He wants to be a different person and wants to live his life on his own conditions.