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Star wars : ‘The Clone wars’ season 7 premiere what happen?

Star Wars The Clone Wars

One of Hollywood’s original and oldest franchises and universes. Only movie and show franchise to have a record collection in the box office.

Both with the making and content quality and the reception of movies by the audience.

Yes, The Star Wars is the Show or Movie franchise having a huge number of fans all over the world.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Overview

Star Wars The Clone Wars
Star Wars The Clone Wars

Belonging to an extended version of the Star Wars universe, Star Wars: The Clone Wars has completed its run over 121 episodes in 6 seasons.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars started in 2008 is nearing its climax.

The seventh season of the show is going to be released on 21 February 2020 which will contain the final 6 episodes of the show.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes under the tag of a computer-animated TV series or show. The further tags for the show include Military Sci-fi, action and adventure.

The final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be directed by Dave Filoni.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be having just 6 episodes for its final season. The show sums up to 121 episodes from 6 seasons so far from 2008.

The show is created by George Lucas as an extension to the Star Wars universe.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars – A ride through the Seasons so far

Star Wars The Clone Wars

The first season comprises a lot of action and some of the major noteworthy things are the main villains of Star Wars: The Clone Wars brought out here, Grievous and Dooku and a lot of fights, action sequences and a lot more adventures with the TV series.

The season 2 comprised and talked about more politics and being military science fiction, the story moves around The Jedi, who leads his Republic force demanding faster and really quicker moves to dominate.

The darkness in the script builds through the third season.

There are less action and war sequences but the story development is concentrated more with small twists and turns in the story.

The things and the entire show just get too addictive here being the fourth season so cohesive and the next half doesn’t lead on with a proper idea.

Ahsoka, one of the major characters of the whole show is developed through the fifth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Before the last season, the separatists earn more popularity while the sixth season focuses on the attack of Clones and the revenge of the Sith.