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Star Wars Rogue One: The New Show Will Face Challenges From the Movie

There are many instances when a series has been made as a spin off to the movies. Many different movie studios has adopted this concept to make the medium more reachable to the hands of the final consumer.

Star Wars, perhaps one of the most elite movie franchises in the world has decided to make a spin off show from the movie Star Wars Rogue One.

What will be the plot for the Star Wars Rogue One TV Show?

The storyline is expected to be similar to that of that of the movie. In this movie we had seen that the two primary characters in Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor playing the heroic roles. They sacrifice their lives in order to extract the Death Star from the vicious members of the Rebel Alliance. Stiff resistance is faced by them.

However the actor who plays Andor has confirmed that he will return to reprise his role. This means that the story would revolve around his character. No further details about the story has been released by the directors of the show.

Casting Details for the Star Wars Rogue One TV show

Characters who played the roles in the movie would again be called to play the same roles. Felicity Jones would play the character of the other lead apart from Andor. Diego Luna will also be returning for this project as well. Alan Tudyk will play the role of the Android Robot K2S0. There is also news that some fresh faces would be seen during the running time of this particular show. However the news has still not been confirmed by the Production house.

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Release Date of Star Wars Rogue One TV Show

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, there is impending delay on the release date of the show. No fixed date has still been decided since the situation is completely under turmoil. However the shooting and filing activities for the show has completed in the month of April 2020. Thus the show is slated to release around early 2021. Dates can only be finalized after it is known for how long restrictions will be in place due to this Virus.