Star Wars Rey Skywalker Complete the Chosen One Prophecy Is This True or Not ?

According to the ‘Star Wars’ film production designer, Rick Carter, Rey Skywalker was the Chosen One and fulfilled the Chosen One prophecy. Latest addition to the long list of Star Wars film series, the recent release titled, ‘Star Wars : The Rise of Skywalker’ showed the Chosen one. The film released worldwide on December 16, 2019.

If we go way back 20 years, to the movie, The Phantom Menace, it was said that the Chosen One is destined to bring back balance to the force. And that prophecy completed in Rise of Skywalker. Here’s why Rey was the predestined chosen one.

Who was thought of as the Chosen One before Rey?

Before it was announced that Rey is the chosen one, fans thought off Anakin Skywalker was the chosen one, bringing peace and balance to the Force by throwing down the Palpatine in the movie, ‘Return of Jedi’.

But that moment was shortlived as Palpatine survived, only to return, bringing with him huge havoc and creating chaos in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’. This is where it was revealed that Rey herself is a Palpatine.

Rick Carter sharing his own thoughts on Rey Skywalker

At an recent event where the art book was released, ‘Star Wars : The Art of Rise of Skywalker’,film’s production designer Rick Carter shared his own thoughts about Rey being the Chosen one :

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“The Episode I prophecy was that a Skywalker was somehow going to help balance the Force. Rian Johnson opened Star Wars up to the possibility that, if Rey is not a Skywalker by blood, then being the mythological Skywalker is something you can aspire to and achieve in your life – which I think is great. It’s not only your destiny based upon birth. Maybe the life lesson in this one is that sometimes you have to go beyond what seems like a finite destiny. That’s what it is then to be a dreamer and to be a Skywalker.”

Why Rey was the perfect one to bring back the balance?

Many fans and critics were having mixed reactions, knowing that Rey’s supposed to bring the balance to the Force. They thought Anakin’s sacrifice were turned out to be degraded. But Rey’s choice to walk way from following Palpatine’s direction had Anakin’s huge impact. She trained under Luke, who knew her identity, yet trained her to be a Skywalker.

This shows how one’s own choices are the determining factor in one’s life rather than the predetermined destiny they are born with.