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Star Trek Discovery Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Latest Breaking News

Fantasy Science Fiction is a genre which has been explored vastly in Hollywood. Be it 2001 A Space Odyssey or The Martian, we have had our share of favorites. However two franchises which have endured the test of times and are still extremely popular are Star Wars and Star Trek. Several movies have been made regarding the Star Trek storyline with much aplomb and success. It has also been made into a spin off TV show called Star Trek Discovery.

First two seasons of the show earned widespread acclaim from all quarters. People have been waiting eagerly to get a glimpse of the third season. This desire of theirs was fulfilled with the trailer launch of the show. Thus Star Trek Discovery Season 3 is on the move.

Plot for Star Trek Discovery Season 3: 

In the earlier seasons, we saw how the main cast members belonged to a faction travelled to space. They warded off villains and other external forces to keep their realm safe and intact. This season however promises to have a completely unique storyline altogether. USS Discovery the famed ship in the show will acquire major importance. This ship will be sent 930 years into the future in order to rewrite a major wrong in the future of humanity.

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Along with this detail some other stories are also doing the rounds. Many fan theories of the show suggest that the Federation, will be breaking off from the alliance. They will form a new band of their own to obliterate their enemies. Some also believe that this ghost unit will become the villain and will wage war against the space team. Eye catching mechanics and CGI work will again take center stage for the show. Many riveting new concepts will also be seen according to rumors by fans.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3: Cast Members of the show

Showstoppers of the last season’s will reappear in order to make the show memorable. The list will include actors like Sequa Martin Green, Doug Jones and Anthony Rapp in the primary roles. To assist them actors like Mary Wiseman and Wilson Cruz will be starring in supporting roles for the show.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3: Release Date

Due to the current situation of uncertainty, no official date for the release is available. But the Production team have confirmed that there will be a Season 3 for Star Trek Discovery. Dates can only be predicted after the trailer launch.