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Spoiler Alert of Dr Stone Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Expected StoryLine And Will Human Civilization Be Revived?

Popular Japanese manga series, Dr. Stone recently has been in the eyes of the manga lovers. The reason is definitely for how much of scientifically accurate the series has in its story plot, plus the main protagonist of the whole story, Dr. Stone. The manga is written by Riichiro Inagaki while it is illustrated by Boichi. The manga first got published in a weekly shonen jump back in March 6 ,2017.

The manga was then turned into an anime adaptation back in 2019 which was aired between July – December. Total of 24 episodes were telecasted in the first season. In the 24th and final episode of first season, it was announced that the anime will be back for another season. After season one got ended, fans have been wanting to know about details and information regarding the upcoming season 2 of the show. We have covered all the updates about second season. Read to know more.

Release Date of Dr Stone Season 2

Though the makers have announced that the anime will be back for season 2, unfortunately they didn’t announced any date for the same. So far, no release date has been confirmed or announced by the makers. And seeing the tough times the whole world is living in right now, it won’t be wrong to assume that the makers would push the release.

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It is expected to release next year in mid 2021. All we can do is hope to witness the season 2 of Dr. Stone very soon on our screens.

Cast in Dr. Stone Season 2

Not much has been disclosed who will we see in the next season. But certainly most of the characters from the last season are going to be back.

The main protagonist of Stone World, Ishigami Senku will be back. Joining him would be Kohaku, Ogawa Yuzuhira, Taiju Oki, Tsukasa Shishio, Chrome, Asagiri Gen, Ginrō, Kinrō, Ruri, Suika, Magma.

Also, expect to witness many more new characters in this season as they will embark new paths to the story.

Storyline From Season 1 to Continue On

In season 2, the “Stone Wars” arc from the manga would be adapted in anime. The total episodes this season will have is 25. Senku, who’s on a mission to bring back the human civilisation back to life, will be joined by old friends Taiju and Yuzuhira to accomplish this mission.

But there will be a big hindrance on the path as a madman scientist , Tsukasa will be coming to stop him. Will they be able to complete their goal? We will have to wait and watch for it ourselves.