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Spoiler Alert of Dr Stone Season 2 : Fans Looking Forward to Know the Petrification Story

When the first season’s last episode aired, we got some news. The news was that the second season of Dr. Stone will officially happen. Riichiro Inagaki was the one who wrote the series in the form of Manga first. The show is an animated series which had 24 episodes in its first season.

After the show started getting popular by the day, the creators stated that season 2 is happening. The show in right now, in development. The second season is supposed to release in the second or third quarter of 2020.

Plot of Dr. Stone

The show is a mix of post-apocalypse, mystery, fantasy and more. The premise of the show is that every single human on the planet has been converted into stone. Something mysterious did that. However, after 3700 years, there is some hope. A small number of humans survived with the help of a super smart kid, Senku. He was the first ever human to come back into the human form. He is smart, so he survived by using his surroundings as advantage.

The story of the show is really nice and its complex and multi-layered with a lot of fun in-between.

What Is the Plot for Dr. Stone Season 2?

This season will give us a lot of things. Firstly, we will see the last of war between the two clans. Ishigami and Tsukasa will fight. However, the latter loses. Secondly, a discovery will be started to find out what caused everyone to turn into stone.

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Besides this, a finding leads to something much more. Senku’s father was one of the people who survived when the event first happened. He was the one who left the message for Senku help people survive and move ahead. Senku also finds the weapon which has the power to turn the whole would into stone.

Now, as the second season starts, we will get to know more as what exactly happened. We will find out the cause, hopefully. There is not a lot exact info but many theories and hints have been pointed out during the first season. However, we hope that everything is done smoothly and the release should not be delayed.

When Is the Second Season of Dr. Stone Releasing?

The second season for this tv show will be released in the last quarter of 2020. However, there may be some delays for the common reason. We all have expectations but hopefully the season will be out in early 2021 if not late 2020.

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