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Spiderman: Into Spider Verse 2 – Release Date, Plot, Cast and Who All Will Be in the Sequel of Spiderman : Into the Spider Verse?

Spiderman : Into the Spider- Verse came in 2018 but the movie is always in talks among fans. The movie was already a fan favourite when it released because of it’s spider universe concept or ‘Spider – verse’ as fans call it.

The movie also received many prestigious awards and nominees, one of their highlightrd win would be winning the the ‘Greatest Animated Function Movie’ at the 91st Academy Awards or profoundly called The Oscars.

And this time, the movie is in talks again for a very special reason. Spiderman : Into the Spider – Verse is getting a sequel. Yes, you read it right. Fans can witness the characters again, and some new Spideys’ from different dimensions. Read to know more about the sequel film.

Spiderman : Into the Spider Verse 2 Release Date

The first part release on December 1, 2018 in the American theatres. Fans got a little surprise back in November of 2019 , when the makers of the film officially confirmed that their favourite film is getting it’s own sequel. The release date for the film is April 8, 2022.

Well, it’s quite a long time that they had finalised for the premiere date. But knowing the fact that animated films take a long time with the production work and voice acting, so it can be seen why such they took the decision.

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Who All Will Be in the Sequel of Spiderman : Into the Spider Verse?

The makers didn’t announced who will in the cast of sequel part, while they announced the release date of the film. But we can expect the lead cast of the film to make a come back.

In the leads, Shamiik Moore will be voicing the role of Miles Morales. Whereas, Hailee Steinfeld will be seen voicing the character of Gwen Stacy. We can also see Miles’ parents in some parts of the films. Brain Tyree Henry as Miles’ father and Luna Lauren Velez as Miles’ mother.

We can expect entry of a new villain in the film and some Spideys’ from the different dimensions. There are rumours that Tom Holland is going to make a cameo in the film. In which part will we see him? Watch out for the movie.

Storyline in the Sequel Part

In the last part, we saw how the original spiderman, Peter Parker sacrificed himself in shutting down the interdimensional portal, which means that all the Spideys stuck at different dimensions needed to go back to their own dimension. So maybe we can expect introduction to other Spideys and their possible interaction.