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Spider-Man on the Road to Becoming Venom? Here’s What We Can Understand so Far.

Spider-Man and Venom have a special relationship. Whenever we talk about spider-man and the villains in his story, we always end up talking about Venom. The emotions have always been strong with these two and for us as well. We had some leaks after Spider-Man: Far from Home which suggested that Venom might show up as a main character in the next movie.

Will Spidey become Venom?

It is certainly possible for our favourite webster to become Venom in order to clear his name. Spider-Man might choose to bond with Eddie Brock in order to save himself or clear his name after Mysterio exposed him.

Spider-Man becoming Venom would mean that there might be a slight chance of Venom being a totally good character which is certainly not possible or he might fake it in order to get what he wants.

What will happen if Spider-Man turns evil?

In case, Spider-Man turns evil, we might see him trying to kill his friends, family and innocent civilians. There will be a ton of destruction of whichever city they choose.

Most probably, it’ll be New York City. In the end, it will either be Peter Parker’s sheer force of will or his friends and family that will bring him from the brink of doing something very sinister.

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Once a villain, always a villain. Both Spider-Man and Venom might team up to clear Spidey’s name but who is going to be the villain. Well, it might be Venom but the story will certainly become spicy and engaging if the villain turns out to be Carnage, the homicidal maniac.

Let’s see what the new movie will bring. Of course, the production must have slowed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic but there’s still time to figure out the best ideas and implement them. Everyone is eagerly waiting for a sneak-peek.

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