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Spenser Confidential, Mark Wahlberg and Director Peter Berg’s Latest Movie Dropped Here Is the Full Review

Netflix dropped a new movie on its streaming platform titled, “Spencer Confidential”. Though the movie was released on the platform way before the pandemic crisis took a rapid spread all around the world, the movie is gaining a lot of attention, but not that good attention. As most of the people have locked themselves up in their homes, they need entertainment to keep their spirits up and going during these tough times. The movie was not in the talks during it’s release than it has become now for the negative reviews it’s been getting. Spencer , a Boston – based private detective and investigator, has been in the showbiz for the past 4 decades. There are about 40 novels and many TV shows been made about the characters.

We have covered all the details about the movie about the cast, plot, reviews and other updates. Read to know more.

Why the Movie Is in Amid Flurry of Negative Reviews?

Speaking about facts, Spencer Confidential is neither the worst movie ever made in the Spencer series nor the best one out yet. The movie has a rating of 6.2/10 IMDb rating, 38% of rotten tomatoes rating and 49% from Metacritic. All the reviews that have been made about the movie, all point out the bad writing of the screenplay, script writing and the jokes. The movie is supposed to be an action – comedy film, but neither we see much of action and few laughs at the petty, repeated humour. The chemistry we see in the two main leads is not through.

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And for the fact the for the past 40 years, we all have seen and grew up with Spencer series, be it the book or the TV series. So somewhere around we all are fed up with it. Because we all know what’s going to happen in it. It has become predictable now.

Cast in the Film

The beloved private investigator is played by Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke as Hawk, Alan Arkin as Henry Cimoli , Iliza Shlesinger as Cissy Davis, Bokeem Woodbine as Driscoll, Marc Maron as Wayne Cosgrove, Austin Post as Squeeb, James DuMont as “Tracksuit Charlie” Bentwood, Michael Gaston as Captain Boylan, Colleen Camp as Mara, Hope Olaide Wilson as Letitia, Kip Weeks as Macklin, Rebecca Gibel as Laurie Boylan, Big Shug as. W. Lintz, Donald Cerrone as Big Boy, Justus Carney as Liquor Store Worker, Christopher Gerard Weigel as Hipster, Brandon Scales as Terrence Graham

Where to Watch the Film?

The film released on Netflix on March 6, 2020. You can watch the film on Netflix only.