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Spectros : Season 1 Release Date, Plot and Cast

Spectros season one will be aired on Netflix from February 20, 2020. The first season will have eight episodes.


The main cast includes Danilo Mesquita, Enzo Barone, Cláudia Okuno, Pedro Carvalho, and Mariana Sena. It is been directed by Douglas Petrie.

Genre :

There has been a lot of series which have been released under a supernatural thriller genre. Spectros falls under supernatural horror thriller. It is not the usual type which you have seen so far. The difference in this show lies in the fact that it explores folklore which makes us literally to bite our fingernails with suspense and horror as we watch it.

Plot :

The plot of the series is very interesting. It is Brazilian supernatural thriller series which will be a mix of Brazilian folklore and history along with elements of Japanese ghost tales which will be represented by the colorful streets of Liberdade district which is said to be home to the largest Japanese community outside Japan in the world.

The story revolves around five teenagers who are mistakenly attracted to the supernatural reality that they cannot understand and takes them back to a time that does not exist. They are taken back to the time of 1908, a time of which they have no idea about at all. They are confronted with a lot of many bizarre and gloomy situations of the past. The group comes up with acceptance and conclusion that someone is bringing back death and spirits want revenge for mistakes committed in the past.

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The plot of the series is very interesting as it combines history, suspense and supernatural elements in a way where the audience will not get bored. The series will be aired in the Portuguese language. As mentioned before, there will be eight episodes in the first season. For those who are fond of supernatural stories and thriller, this should be added for sure. Japanese ghost stories are famous all around the world, and Brazil is said to be the land of legends and folklore hence when it is a combination of both, we can expect a lot of nails biting moments as the show progresses. Probably, for all the fans of this genre, we can expect more insight to not just to supernatural elements but also to time traveling scenes.