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Spain Buys 432 Million Worth of Medical Supplies from China to Fight the Pandemic

Primer pla del secretari d'organització del PSC, Salvador Illa, en roda de premsa el 2 de desembre del 2019. (Horitzontal)

Spain recently signed a multi-million-euro contract with China for medical supplies to fight against the pandemic, said Salvador Illa.

This deal with cover 550 million masks, 5.5 million test kits, 950 respirators and 11 million pairs of gloves to cover up the shortages been faced in Spain.

The announcement came after Spain saw the number of deaths in the country go over 3,434 with more than 738 people dead in 24 hours. This even overtook the figures of China where the virus originally originated.

“We have secured entire production chains (in China) which will be working solely for the Spanish government,” Illa said.

The supplies would be delivered “on a staggered basis, every week, with the first — a major delivery — arriving at the end of this week,” he said.

The country has been in a lockdown since March 14 but the number of cases still continue to rise. This increase has brought the medical system to its knees with more than 5,400 healthcare workers infected.

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