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‘Space Force’ Season 2 Expected Plot and Ending Explained

Space Force is an American web series. It is created by Steve Carell and Greg Daniels and the genre is comedy. To date, it has only 1 season with 10 episodes. The series was first aired on 29 May 2020 on Netflix. Apart from this, there is a piece of good news for all those Hindi fans. The series has also been released in Hindi on Netflix.

Space Force: Ending

The first season of Space Force had a dramatic yet exciting ending and it was no doubt a cliffhanger for General Naird. The idea on which the series is based is pretty interesting as recently America has made new Space Force in 2019 and to make a comedy series inspired by this is amazing. The execution is also nice and the other engaging thing about the series is the characters and their performances. 

The Space Force does make it to the moon. The Branch led by Mark Naird on Space Force needs only a year and some changes. By the 9th episode, the commander Angela Ali and her astronaut’s crew who are by-the-way high school dropouts made it to the moon.

The season’s ending is quite striking and it ends on a solidly anti-war message. Also, it clears the stage for the writers to create and work around season 2. To know more about the show, you need to watch it, people. So, go binge-watch this amazing series and have some fun and light moments for yourself.

Space Force Season 2: Expected Plot

Season 2 has finally got the green light and Naird is certainly going to return. We also expect the four-star general to take a small detour with his wife Maggie and her girlfriend before heading back to anything.

We think that Naird will be forgiven after his argument with President and will resume his post back. AS the troubles with Chinese seems to grow and they will be seen solving the problems of differences and try to work it out together. 

Maggie will also break the prison to help Erin. Apart from this a lot more exciting things are expected to happen so stay tuned to watch season2 of the series.

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