South Korean police investigate after plane door opened mid-flight | South Korea

South Korean police have launched an investigation after Asiana Airways stated a passenger opened a door on a flight shortly earlier than the plane landed safely within the metropolis of Daegu.

The Airbus A321 aircraft landed at Daegu airport at about 12.40pm (0340 BST) after departing from the island of Jeju an hour earlier, the airport’s flight schedule confirmed.

Nobody was damage within the incident, however 9 folks had been taken to a close-by hospital after struggling respiratory points, a Daegu hearth division official stated. These included eight schoolchildren from Jeju, in response to Jeju’s training workplace.

Authorities had been questioning a passenger close to an emergency exit row, Asiana officers stated. One official stated: “Police are investigating the incident after a passenger who was sitting close to the emergency exit stated he touched its lever.”

The aircraft was a couple of minutes from touchdown when a male passenger sitting subsequent to an emergency door opened a canopy and pulled a lever so the door opened about 200 metres (656ft) above floor, an Asiana spokesperson stated.

All folks onboard had been seated with seatbelts mounted as a result of the aircraft was about to land, the spokesperson added.